Essential Effects Shampoo Wipes

Essential Effects rinse-free Shampoo Wipes™ were created to provide an easy and convenient way to clean and refresh hair.  Our unique formula along with our soft durable wipes is the ideal solution to remove excess oil and dirt from the scalp and roots without using water.  The Shampoo Wipes are free of parabens and sulfates and are gentle enough for all hair types.  Pre-moistened and ready to use, our wipes are the perfect product for all clients.


Senior Living Communities and Caregivers

Our Shampoo Wipes make hair care an easier and more enjoyable experience for seniors at all stages in life – from those living independently to those living in long-term care facilities. By using our wipes, caregivers will have a simple and effective way of refreshing and cleaning hair. Formulated with sulfate-free and paraben-free ingredients, our wipes provide the perfect cleaning solution without the use of water. Caregivers can leave hair cleaning to us and focus on other needs of those whom they are entrusted to care for.

Outpatients and Medical Facilities

Essential Effects Shampoo Wipes are ideal for patients who are unable to wash their hair due to recent surgery or other temporary medical conditions.  The Shampoo Wipes will enable nurses and other treatment providers to conveniently and comfortably clean their patients’ hair. Unlike dry shampoos, our mess-free and powder-free wipes will effectively eliminate dirt and oil from hair. For patients recovering at home or at the hospital, our Shampoo Wipes are an essential item that will maximize comfort and help them focus on what’s most important – a speedy recovery.  Your patients and loved ones will truly appreciate them.

Travelers and Backpackers

Individually wrapped, our soft, pre-moistened wipes are the fundamental travel companion.  Perfect for travelers, backpackers, campers and hikers, our wipes refresh and moisturize wherever you go. With Essential Effects Shampoo Wipes, you can now travel the world and still have clean hair – all without the use of water.


Designed for easy transport, our product will provide our armed forces around the world an accessible hair cleansing solution.  Our specially formulated Shampoo Wipes will allow our service men and woman a fast and effective way of cleaning their hair in locations where water is limited.